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Daily, Can't do more than 2 days in the same socks if i don't have to. They go all baggy and horrid after a day, longer than that and it's the mong that keeps it all together. TechnoHippy 17 Sep 15, posts Seen 16 hours ago Registered 16 years ago. Every day.

If you’re battling Athlete’s Foot, change your socks frequently

I couldn't do two unless I was very hungry. Jeans however - I've worn them for weeks at a time!

This is still my first and only account. At least once a day, sometimes twice a day.

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Dougs 17 Sep 90, posts Seen 2 minutes ago Registered 16 years ago. Every day! JEsus, mine would pong a bit otherwise. DId I say hungry?

How You Can Change the World by Changing Your Socks: 4 Scenarios

I meant hungover. TheSaint 17 Sep 18, posts Seen 6 hours ago Registered 14 years ago. With how much new socks cost at Primark it is almost cheaper to buy a new pack each week rather that wash them. ToonMonkey Nah - I is teh solo-man. It should be noted that my feet very rarely smell bad, even under extreme conditions like after a 15 mile army-hike in the summer. I doubt the girlf would be amused now, however I have no woman, live in a pigsty and wallow in my own filth, yet I have the decency to change my socks!

Gods man, have you no shame! MrSensible 17 Sep 26, posts Seen 2 weeks ago Registered 14 years ago. I change every day, usually. Unless I only wore then for a couple of hours the previous day or something. They can absorn food, booze, mud and sweat and still come up clean enough for another wear. I remember sitting writing up my medical notes in the nursing staff room and some nurses commented on a funny smell. Thats the last time i try and get 3 days out of my socks.

ResidentKnievel 17 Sep 7, posts Seen 8 hours ago Registered 12 years ago. Like terminus, I change my socks daily. I change my socks every day. I couldnt bear any longer. Plus it would ruin your trainers.

'Sock Hack' that will change you life

Usually every two days unless the weather has very warm. My feet don't smell at all though or get sweaty. Orange 17 Sep 5, posts Seen 4 years ago Registered 17 years ago. I change mine every day. According to researches which were conducted by sociologists it became clear that single men, then married change socks and underwear much less often. The main argument of the bachelor — why to change, for the sake of whom?

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As do not twist, but emergence in life of the man of the woman plays a large role in the solution of a question of dirty socks. Why women so catch an unpleasant smell of socks? Scientists came to a conclusion that men are more inclined to a smell of tobacco, alcohol, and here the smell of socks does not confuse them at all.

Each man determines the frequency of change of socks and underwear itself, but you should not forget about the health. Well, and secondly, nobody knows, then this day and where you appear will end: in the native apartment or on a visit the friend. Ideally the man has to change socks every day, and on requirement two times per day, underwear — once in two days. Skip to content Home About Contact.

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What dirty socks threaten for health And if not to sneer a situation, then men who do not take care of hygiene can face very unpleasant consequences sooner or later. Each woman, at the sight of the man sees three main things: cleanness of footwear; cleanness of nails; smell of socks. If the man had high physical activity. Interesting facts According to researches which were conducted by sociologists it became clear that single men, then married change socks and underwear much less often.

How often do you change your socks?

At me any desire to have sex with the smelly gentleman vanishes girl, 20 years. It is good that else my husband did not get wind the woman, 25 years. Not out of shame — neighbors have sex too. I run away from his socks. It something! It, likely, changes them once a year girl, 20 years. At least once a week woman, 54 years. Where from it you will get to?!