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As a kid, Ben's dad heard him listening to Tori Amos, hippie folk songs, and Japanese shamisen music, and told him, "you only like things because they're different, not because they're good. His dad was using the word "different" like it was a bad thing. But when you don't have friends, you're hiding in the closet, and your church has stopped making sense, anything that's "different" is bound to be an improvement. US Edition U. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes. Newsletters Coupons.

Terms Privacy Policy. You will be accomplishing big things in the next few months with that kind of mindset and discipline. Pat Schatzline patschatz Authenticity is the currency of today. Pat Schatzline patschatz making us all think. Identify who you surround yourself with. Well they were dead wrong! Had I listened to the poor, broke, play it safe minded If you have a dream and drive in your heart then go all in. Traditional is shriveled up, scared, lonely, and miserable.

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You cannot compete at the highest level if your mind isn't ready to take you there. But, your point number 5 is like God showing me how He works in my life. I asked Him, and this guy suddenly disappearing. What do you think? I have been struggling to find peace with the end of my last relationship, which was short but intense at the same time. He is not a believer. After the first date I realized he had a destructive lifestyle. At first I prayed and decided to walk away however that was short-lived.

In that vulnerability I became weak and decided to give him a second chance. I had begun to emotionally over invest to the point where I became anxious and insecure.

Churchboy Should Have Listened

He was very sexual and always hinted at his sexual interest and needs with me. I did not engage in a sexual relationship with him during the 3 months we knew each orhdI think every one of the red flags were there that said he was not the one for me. I had the courage to tell him that he needed his space and I needed to let him go. It was the most difficult thing I ever did. I wept inside the house.

I know my God loves Dave. God bless to everyone who loves in Lord Jesus. Hey Sanjeshni, you did the right thing by letting him go.

Hi, my boyfriend ask me for time and space. His excuse is because he have family conflict. We did not text one another like we used to. I thought that our relationship will end but everyday he will wish me Good Morning. Just that. Our conversation getting cold. One night, i was hoping that his Goodnight text will be the last chat between us. I pray to God that if he is not the one for, it will end just like this which means he will not text me again after this.

But if he is for me, he will text me early in the morning because he usually text me Good Morning after 8am liddat. Then the next day I woke up, he text good morning at 6 am. I even dreamed that I was with his mom went for shopping. I even pray so that this feeling toward him will fade away because me and him are impossible to be as one. I did prayed to God, that I would not fall for any guy which is not for me bcs I dont eant to waste my time one them. Which is not supposed to happen. This was a great read. Only one thing here really applied to my current situation and its not compromising on dealbreakers.

My boyfriend is great, very mature, respectful, understanding and has demonstrated his love for me and I love him too. Our relationship has been so easy. A future marriage with someone whose values are not the same will only hurt. Sometimes our absence from someone influences them more than our presence. This is a good article and hit me hard.

But I guess god has had different plans for me if he keeps taking him out my life. We got pregnant when I was 19 and we got married. We had a beautiful baby girl. Life was good we had good and bad times but we were young and had a baby. A year after she was born he decided he was not happy and left. I managed all our bills, the apartment, working full time and full time school. After 6 months he came back we started to talk again. He said how much he missed us and wanted to try harder, we got back together.

We bought a house and had a baby boy Life was hard living check to check both working full time. I work night shift to make more money and save us money for childcare.

In he said again how he is not happy, come to find out he was having an affair. He left, and it was extremely hard for me. The divorce was ugly, and he let his new gf tell me a lot of stuff. He hardly saw our kids at all Bc he let her control that. They got pregnant before our divorce was even final. I struggled for a long time but kids and I pulled through.

I went to school again, bought a new house, work full time, and all my spare time went into the kids. I finally got comfortable with my life, only part missing was the kids barely had a relationship with their dad Bc of his choices. Well just recently now almost 2 years he ended everything with the other girl. He told me how much he messed up and miss us and wants to fight for our relationship.

We became close, our kids love having him around and fixed their relationship. We even built a relationship with his other son which will be the kids half sibling. We started to do a lot together and make plans for the future. The trust was hard but I tried my best we even started counseling. But he started to change again, slowly choosing not to come over, always having an excuse, his patience ran low with me, he started to roll his eyes all the time and just get mad and annoyed with me all the time.

Well now I feel like a bigger idiot Bc now again he is saying he is not happy he prefers to be single. He was hoping his feelings would change but they never did….

You have to cut all your personal ties to him and allow God to change him, while you work on yourself. You have to break free and finally start living for yourself and your kids. Consider seeking counseling to deal with the pain you endured in that relationship so that you can move on healed. I met this guy in the choir…choir director. Was once a music pastor.. And I pray for 2 months that God will turn my heart away from him. I almost left the choir. But since last week this same brother started texting me early and late in the night util we went to a first date last Saturday.

Now after o2 days he started ignoring my text or responding as he does immediately. I invited him 3 days ago for a christian seminar…it took him 2days to response a by text early ours of 4. Now I am so pissed off …we are both divorced with kids for several years. So we are not babies. Now my question is all this while I found him online on catsup or facebook.

I am feeling terrible bad. Why …. I was so happy but now what. I felt we have a lot in common, vision and dream. Before now I had Nolan now for remarriage becos of an abusived marriage, until I got crush on him first,. I am Africa he is Swiss. He send me photos of his sons and dying father or what he is doing there and then. HI Pat, I think you need to take a step back and distance yourself from the situation. It sounds to me like you are reading a lot into it, without him giving you clear intentions.

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Base what you do on his level of investment. So if he is actively pursuing you, then reciprocate but if he is not showing any initiative, then give him space and move on. Thanks for this post, Justine. We are both faithful in the church and doing full-time ministries in our respective churches. This matter created sadness and insecurity in my heart. Hi Marguerite, thanks for sharing this with me. They should not be the one to approve of your marriage. If you know, you are doing the right thing and honoring God in your relationship, then I believe you doubting the relationship because of them is a problem of self-esteem rather than them being complicated.

Honestly ask yourself why you are trying to live up to their expectations if God has already approved of you? I was in a relationship prior to him for about 2 years that was horrible. I prayed everyday after that relationship ended for God to send me a loving, trustworthy, honest, loyal, hardworking, Christian man, that would be a partner that I could spend my life with. After praying this for about a year and a half God sent him. I have never been happier. I truly feel like God answered my prayers when I met him.

We spent a lot of time with each other, including with our respective families. Spent every holiday together and went through some fairly significant life changing events, illnesses, deaths, birthed, and we were each there for the other. Both of our families wanted to see us married. The relationship ending has been shocking to everyone including each of our families.

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I pray and read my Bible daily but I feel so lost. I truly believe he was sent by God.

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He has been married before with his divorce being final 6 years ago. Is there anyway this relationship can work? But yet you refuse to accept that and are looking for a way to make it work. So your prayer should not be for him to return but for him to heal. And why he does that you have to go back to the drawing board and find out how you can tap into the same amount of happiness you had in the relationship while you are single. Give him space and focus on you, that is the only way it can work if at all, trust me.

I met him in A different state so if we were to have a relationship it would be long distance, so we text and a week after, he left me on delivered for two days then texted me like nothing happened. Hey Elle, thanks for asking.

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So I think you might be reading too much into it. The boy and you just met and you do not have a relationship yet. And even if he is sweet and Christian, that does not mean he already qualifies as your boyfriend. The best is to relax and just get to know him, without an ulterior motive. If he is already showing you that he might not be that interested, then reduce your investment to match his and remember that he is not obliged to reciprocate the interest. Hi, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years.

He treated me very good and we loved each other so much. He smoked weed and he would go to church with me sometimes but that was it. He would tell me that he wants to do better with God but he never did anything about it. There was no passion. There was a point in our relationship where he did change and he felt the Holy Spirit and he was hungry for the word, but then something bad happened in his life and it went away.

I love God so much and I want to get serious with Him and have a better relationship with him, but I knew deep down my relationship was holding me back. I want someone to love God and have a passion for God like me. He was my first love. And also I would like your opinion on something. But sometimes I pray that prayer. Any advice or thoughts to help me through this situation would be very helpful. Thank you for your time. God bless. Hey Sabrina, I commend you for your obedience. And to answer your question: Yes I think it is a very noble and good thing to pray for your ex-boyfriend to grow in his faith and truly surrender to God.

However, I would be careful with praying for him to come back. Rather than doing that pray for God to heal your heart and remove the soul tie so that you are able to receive whoever he has for you, even if it is not your ex. Hi, may God bless you for these advises. I am very lost in my situation and would really appreciate your advise as I am very very desperate.

I have been married for 6 years now. Few weeks after the wedding I found out that my husband was married before to a Muslim lady I am a Christian and together they had a son. He also denied until I met the son who looks exactly like him. I recently had an accident, broke my leg and had surgery. When he is upset, he will hit me on the leg and then say later I am sorry, I was just jocking.

We have two boys, twins that are 3 years old, he would sometimes shout at them but most of the time he is a good father. I am kgs, which I gained after giving birth to the twins. He will even say that I am dirty and smelly. I am a Christian and i feel that our marriage is not valid because he was previously married.

Please help me with advise. Hey Jessie, it sounds to me like you are forcing it. I think God already spoke multiple times but you have chosen to ignore it. Observe him and you will clearly see if this is a God-honoring relationship or not. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Justine is a certified dating, relationship and life coach who has been blogging on justinemfulama. Her purpose for this site is to help women attract and maintain a godly relationship, by teaching self-love, mastery of the mind and confidence.

Her dating advice and relationship advice is faith-based but practical and sourced from her own and other people's life experience. Share Pin 2K.