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Luckily I have an app which can convert some audio to text, because I don't know any other Thai people who can translate it for me. No, I haven't date any of them. This girl is just one of my friends. I see. However she has feelings for you but is not sure if you feel the same. The hua jai rua rua thing is basically saying her heart has not been successful yet.

It's kind of metaphorical. Time to make a move on her. Good luck. Not a typo. Use "khrap" if you are a man and "ka" if you are a woman. This is a polite form that should be used on the end on a sentence. Sometimes it sounds like "khrup". Yes, there are many idioms, metaphors, similes, etc. They aren't as commonly used as in UK English, but it depends on person, I guess. Some people like to use them more than others. Can we use the word "Tirak" to address friends? Not really, no. In a joke perhaps, but it's not really something people do. What to say '' would you like to go on a date with me '' in thai language.

Not every sentence will require it but when making major points you should use it.

Start with the Basics – The Thai Alphabet

It is polite and in a formal environment it is required. Are these sayings just for couples if it has ka or khrup at the end or can you say it to a friend like when saying "you are cute"? You can say a friend is cute if you want to. Please show me how to write "We got this" and "I will always hold on to you" "I will never let go". Good question. It really depends on the type of conversation and the circumstances, and is something you'll get a feel for as your learning progresses. Couples in the early stages of dating will tend to use such polite forms regularly, as is done in other languages too.

But the longer you are with someone naturally these things tend to slip. Khrup and Ka are still used between long-term couples though, particularly in front of children setting a good example of being polite , and in public to show courtesy to each other. Some women I know use ka all the time, with their partner and their family members. You may sometimes here that couples swap the words too, so the woman uses khrup and the man says ka. This is a jokey, sort of cute interaction. Also consider that Khrup and ka are also used to indicate understanding of something, like the word "yes".

So it isn't just limited to being a polite ending to a sentence. My advice is to get used to using khrup as much as possible. It is never wrong to use it, so don't worry about that. But over time you will get a feel for when the context is right to use it and when you can relax from using it -- usually with friends and your partner. Always use it with your GFs parents and grandparents. Really thanks so much for your explaination.

How do I ask: "What should I do to win your heart? I have 2 sentences. How to say: good morning my beautiful and sweet lady in thai language? And,It is a short time we met. I hope we can meet again someday in future. Have a nice trip back to Thailand. Khopkun krap.

Promise in Thailand is Sunyah, you can say senyah. So i promise is Phom Sunyah for man, and Chun Sunyah for woman How do you say "Please date me" in Thai?


Thailand: Important Phrases

Good luck! How do I say I will never leave you?

Thank you very much! How about, do you love me? How much? I would love to date you. Hello and thanks for the simple yet very useful phrases. I been trying to put together a rejection sentence in the most polite way to a Thai guy who's been acting too sweet around me at work and it is causing me a great deal of embarrassment. I simply want to tell him I am not interested in any kind of relationship at the moment. Thanks in advance Mae. It refers to something belonging to you. For example: "Thorasap kong khun" your telephone. Thanks :.

How are you saying it? In a nice way, or in an angry way, Like "Hey, look at me". Or "Look at me!!! How do i make mends with this thai boy? He swear to buddha.. His message earlierBut not anymore. I already swear to buddha alan. I dont want to break my promise. I just went out to say Im not mad. But now, its done. Reverse it by swearing to Buddha that you will get back together and tell him Buddha said it was fine. Im still confuse.

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Why consonants have two sound or name? And how does the initial sound and final sound works? Khaawp khun khrap. Because each consonant represents an actual thing. So for example: Por pung: 'p' is the sound and 'pung' means bee in Thai. Gor gai: 'G' is the sound and Gai means chicken in Thai. Are any of these sentences wrong? Because I've been using them for a couple of days now. Pretty much, yes. Ooh thanks! Are there any rules in using phonetics? Are there really proper ways of spelling them? There are some standards that have appeared over the years, simply because they have been repeatedly written.

But as you'll see all over Thailand, things are spelt differently in varying places, documents, etc. The government do have a standard for spelling for provinces and areas though. I found this out recently when speaking with a translation company. They have a big book of all the spellings given to them for when translating official documents. Hi, Can you please translate "babe" or "baby" in thai? I know it sounds "tu eng" but not sure on the correct spelling in thai. You mean Dtua-eng, right? Thank you! But is there any thai translation for term of endearment "baby" or "babe"?

I just don't know the spelling. Thank you again! Tirak is "darling" or "beloved" generally translated. Hi someone please translate to me.. Mi wan thi di kor hai chok dee. It means that you shouldn't give all your heart to someone when you love them. Always keep a little bit of your heart back for yourself in case you get hurt. So in short, don't give everything, in case you get hurt. Absolutely true. Been there. Done that. Got a T-shirt to prove it. Hi when you say it is for a male, does that mean a male is saying it or you are saying it to them?

I feel like this should be obvious, but I want to be sure. Hey Victoria, a male speaking should say "khrup", and a female speaking should say "ka". I think this website is good. Btw,can you help me read this sentence? Please, could you tell me what D. Quick note, I think there's a typo in your first phrase. Nice spot Lana. I have changed it now. Lana,are you Thai? I need some help with the Thai written language Thanks. I'm not Thai but I wrote lots of Thai messages to my gf.

Not exactly a love phrase but what would the Thai equivalent of "I got your back" be? That also means I fully supports you. To whoever wrote this websitei owe you a debt of gratitude.. Glad I could help you with your romantic communications :. Thanks much. Hi Aaron, sorry for the delayed reply: I missed this comment. Can I flirt with you?

Do you want to flirt with me? Happy flirting! If you really say this, Thai girl gonna slap you for sure. Looking to spell always happy in a tattoo form downwards on my back just want to get it right could you help please. Lovely article, thank you! And does the letter X at the beginning means 'kiss' like in English too? I tried google translate and other tools, dictionaries but still couldn't understand what she means.

Some characters are even "not found". It doesn't mean anything. It reads like gibberish. Can you give me the context of the conversation, or the person's comment that this is in reply to. I've asked a couple of Thai people this morning and they have no idea, though one suggested it being a possible reference to a girl's nether region. So the girl just took her time to type some nonsense.

Which part of those characters sound like a reference to female nether region though?

15 Thai Love Phrases You Can Learn in 3 Minutes

It's just a comment on my profile photo. It replies to this comment: [removed due to privacy request]. Well that means "you look very handsome, have you got work yet? My friend thought it could be a reference to a girl's wotsit, but she's not sure. She thought she'd seen a teenager write something like that before.

Personally, I think it might be a personal joke between those two people that only they get.

Probably just girls being silly! Girls are always such puzzles. Anyway, thanks a lot! You've been kind to a stranger :. No worries, anytime. I will remove the second reply. Oh and could you please delete my second reply? Just for privacy purpose. Thank you. I think I get crush on thai girl But, she is 7 yo. Older than me. Thanks this really gave me some good Thai love phrases for my BF. Have a good Christmas :.

Your Thai Guide - see Thailand differently with a private tour guide

No worries Erika. Happy Christmas to you too! I think I'm the first girl on this website to find this video useful : I'll be woo'ing my Thai BF with these tonight! Thanks for all your vids. I'm finding learning Thai pretty tough going but your lessons are definitely helping.

Would be useful to do some alphabet stuff at some point if you can? I found thus to be very interesting, and I like the way you write the phrases as if they are being said, ie, how they should sound. Thankyou I understand more now. Glad you liked it Nathan. I have plenty more lessons lined up so stay posted. Just curious but what does Khao rak duaeng na mean?

Hi Nicholas. Usually "khao" refers to the third person, like "he" or "she". But if a person says "I love you" in this way they are implying using the third person expression that they still love you. The "duaeng" refers to you, in an affectionate way. Salutations,Informative article! I was wandering if you could please translate the meaning of the following phrase- "Chan Young Ruk Khun".

Thanks for taking the time to share your wisdom Hi Jase, I think what you mean is "Chan yang rak khun". This would be a woman saying "I still love you". Some Thai reading-rule shortcuts I've discovered several ways of reducing the workload of understanding and remembering Thai tone and reading rules. Well over half of them are low. In case that wasn't enough, reinforce it by remembering that all nasals m, n, or ng sounds and semi-vowel consonants y, w sounds are low class.

Several symbols have the circle on the left overall, or from diagonal line for middle class and on the right for high class. There are a few exceptions, but it helps a bit for recognition. So just look out for high class consonants where it would be rising instead and otherwise always presume that it's mid tone! I personally ignore it: if the syllable ends in a k, p or t sound, or has a short open vowel then it's a low tone for both high and middle class. Low class splits it up further into falling tone long vowel and high tone short vowel when also ending in the same consonants.

The above 3 points are all important points to remember about tone rules. Learning the alphabet is easy; use the same association techniques I discussed before but add multiple levels and associations to each symbol; First, its alphabetical order number: associating a number isn't that hard and will help you look up words in the dictionary; rather than remembering the overall order of the symbols as we tend to do in English , remember its order number e. It's really effective for using a dictionary.

Then learn the name of the letter chicken, monk etc. This will help you read Thai letters as the Thais do, as well as expanding on your vocabulary. The first few times are tricky, but then you get the hang of it and see it isn't that bad! Also, because you have learned how to read Thai and are learning vocabulary that way rather than through romanisation, you'll quickly start to recognise words and know where it has to end. That's it — nearly all the rules of reading Thai.

Time for stage two: speaking Since I'm happy with my understanding of reading, I'm going to move on to the more fun part of learning a language that I usually tend to start with; actually speaking it! Benny Lewis Founder, Fluent in 3 Months. Fun-loving Irish guy, full-time globe trotter and international bestselling author. Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to speak from day one. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. Email Address What language are you learning? Click here to see the comments! Just like last year, on April 1st, I wrote a blog post to celebrate April Fools' Day with a ridiculous article!

While this one was a lot more obvious than the last one, those subscribed to my Youtube channel who didn't see this post, did genuinely think that I was faking my video as if [ When it comes to advanced language learning, reading is king. And what is a better device to read on than an Amazon Kindle ebook reader? Often, quick-to-read articles that interest me are [ Solving specific problems rather than trying to learn everything: My first ever video in Arabic reading written by Benny Lewis.

Here it is - my first ever video in Arabic, a week after starting to learn it! Subtitles are provided in original Arabic, English and Portuguese for all videos of this project. In this video, I read a script written entirely in Arabic no romanisation about how I'm in Rio and just starting the mission. To make it more interesting, I've thrown in some nice views of the city at various points in the video, but there is no editing out of my pauses and hesitations.

In my last article, I introduced my three-month Portuguese mission. Language Learners! A few years ago, I started out learning languages through self study. My hope is that you can avoid the mistakes I made. How I Hit [ Check out Benny's Tips for Learning