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This is where things get dangerous. Facing militant GOP opposition, Obama abided by a series of restraints—based upon custom, not law—that circumscribed his agenda. The next Democratic president is less likely to do so. But in the years since, as Democrats have moved left, attitudes inside the party have changed.

Earlier this year, left-leaning politicians and journalists slammed Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for pledging to reinstitute paygo which House Republican leaders have disregarded if Democrats retook the House. Why should we? The deficit is only one of the constraints Democrats might breach. Another is the filibuster. That will leave future Democrats with a choice.

They can dramatically expand the use of reconciliation, which might require replacing the Senate parliamentarian. Or they can make it harder—or even impossible—to filibuster legislation. These latter steps would not violate the law. But they would enrage Republicans and fuel the sense that, post-Trump, anything goes. Advocates for overturning the filibuster and packing the Supreme Court argue that both institutions flout the popular will. Republican senators disproportionately hail from less populous states.

In the short term, this strategy could work. But another lesson of the s and the s is that threatening entrenched norms and disrupting public order—although effective for a while—can eventually provoke a fierce backlash. It grew.

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That summer, clashes between strikers and the police became so violent in some cities that the governors of Pennsylvania and Ohio imposed martial law. In , conservatives rode an economic downturn and a backlash against labor radicalism and the court-packing scheme to huge midterm victories—effectively ending the era of leftist change. In , Republicans—stressing law and order—won 47 seats in the House. The GOP is already pursuing a similar strategy today. Like its predecessors, the third left will rise and fall on its ability to convince Americans that the true cause of radicalism is injustice, and the best guarantee of social peace is a more equal country.

Giving out your number may seem fairly innocuous, but it can have big consequences. On a third-down play last season, the Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith stood in shotgun formation, five yards behind the line of scrimmage. As he called his signals, a Houston Texans cornerback, Kareem Jackson, suddenly sprinted forward from a position four yards behind the defensive line. The ball was snapped.

He quickly sacked Smith, for a loss of 13 yards. The first-time host, fresh off an Emmy sweep for Fleabag, provided a welcome shot of cheeky social commentary on an otherwise uneven episode. During its season premiere last week, Saturday Night Live trotted out celebrity guests and ex—cast members to jazz up its familiar formula. The election is a test for Canadian progressives: style or substance.

The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau is the most successful progressive government in the world. It instituted a carbon tax and legalized marijuana. Last year, for the first time, Canada settled more refugees than any other country.

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Because of higher government benefits, child poverty is at its lowest level in history. Economic growth this year reached 3 percent. That is what Trudeau has done.

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  4. He also appeared in brownface at an Aladdin-themed costume party in at the age of Canadian progressives, like progressives all over the world, must decide whether they care more about the pursuit of social and cultural change, through the eradication of racist and sexist imagery, or the pursuit of transformative policies.

    In , Trudeau promised both.

    When Nothing is Going Right ... Go Left

    When the week began, the president faced questions about Ukraine. Now the inquiry has gone global. As last week came to a close, Donald Trump was confronting the most serious crisis of his presidency , as Democrats moved forward with impeachment hearings in a serious scandal over his pressuring Ukraine to interfere in the election. Seven days later, the scandal is even more serious, but it has metastasized. This is no longer a controversy about a whistle-blower complaint, an American ally in eastern Europe, and the president.

    What has changed is not the facts, but what the public knows. Defenders of Trump would seem to be conceding that a President Kamala Harris could pressure foreign leaders to investigate Don Jr. Stop me if this sounds familiar: For most American workers, real wages have barely budged in decades. Inequality has skyrocketed. The richest workers are making all the money. Earnings for low-income workers have been pathetic this entire century. These claims help drive the interpretation of breaking economic news. For example, the Labor Department yesterday reported that the unemployment rate fell to a year low, while wage growth stalled.

    The economy killed Millennials. Schools have been on a mission to reinvent campus libraries—even though students just want the basics. Back in the s, college libraries had something of an existential crisis. Charles Gosnell, a prominent library-sciences scholar and college librarian in New York, suggested that shifting academic priorities and space constraints threatened to deplete certain book collections, particularly those in highly technical fields such as chemistry, economics, and education.

    Jessica Reeder worries about ticks and the diseases they carry. She had Lyme disease, her brother had Lyme disease, and every fall her children come home from school with notes reminding parents to do a nightly tick check. Even in Philadelphia, where Reeder lives, the bloodsuckers lurk in the woods around the playground. Her family used to go tent camping with friends, but they stopped after a few people in the group contracted Lyme. Reeder made sure her Shih Tzu, Rory, got the canine Lyme vaccine, but she must protect the human members of her family the old-fashioned way: bug spray, long pants tucked into socks, and frequent tick checks.

    But a rolling series of disclosures may force her to recalculate the politics.

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    Over and over, Trump urged Zelensky to work in tandem with his lawyer and confidant Rudy Giuliani, who has publicly accused Joe Biden of trying to interfere in the investigation of a Ukrainian gas company, on whose board Hunter Biden sat. A Ukrainian official said there was no wrongdoing, the Journal reported. The country is forever caught between tradition and innovation, universalism and individual rights. PARIS—More than most countries, France is forever caught between theory and practice, Catholicism and Enlightenment science, tradition and innovation, universalism and individual rights.

    The proposed changes , some of which have already been approved and the rest of which are likely to pass, would grant single women, regardless of their sexual orientation, access to treatments such as in vitro fertilization and sperm donation, paid for by the national health system.

    Dreams…to go “left or right”

    These have previously been legal in France only for heterosexual couples who have been married or in civil partnerships for at least two years, and whom a doctor has determined are sterile or have medical risks requiring fertility treatments. The proposed law would also lift the anonymity of sperm donors, to allow children born from donors access to information about their biological origins. Will the Left Go Too Far?