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Hot Pursuit Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Sofia Vergara, Reese Witherspoon Movie HD

One imagines this being pitched as a cross between The Heat and Midnight Run , but it has none of the outrageousness of the former or the freewheeling sense of fun of the latter. Or for that matter originality or edge: Most of the jokes center on the fact that Cooper is incompetent and short, and that Daniella is loud, spoiled and Hispanic. The soft-touch humor might have worked if the film had made up for it with pacing and energy: The Heat was a mess as a piece of storytelling, but its deranged fits of profanity and lunacy made up for it.

Here, the generally drab pacing comes as a bit of a shock, too, since director Anne Fletcher has done solid work on that front in the past: She directed the winning rom-coms The Proposal and 27 Dresses , as well as the first Step Up. Blocking, timing, movement — these are supposed to be her forte.

You could easily imagine these two in a sharper, edgier comedy. Maybe, if Hot Pursuit is a hit, the filmmakers can take a mulligan and reunite them for a faster, funnier sequel.