Murders Little Sister

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The hour-long episode will delve into the story behind this brutal attack, drawing out all the disturbing facts and responses from the killer himself. In , Bennett brutally murdered his younger four-year-old sister Ella, at their home in Abilene, Texas. He was just 13 years old at the time of the murder.

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Despite his diagnosis, Paris has previously claimed he does not suffer from any mental illness. In he spoke on The Family I Had, and stated: "I chose to do my crime and I take full responsibility for my crime. Talking about the psycho but genius killer, with an IQ of , Piers said: "He is a psychopath. He is highly intelligent; he has an IQ level of genius.

He is very articulate, he is very well spoken.

Hero Boy, 15, Is Killed While Protecting 5-Year-Old Sister During Home Invasion

He is good-looking. He will not, can not change. He can be managed which is why he is in a prison but it will never go away. In my opinion, he should never get out. On the night of the murder both Paris and Ella were being looked after by a babysitter as their mother Charity worked at a local bar. Bennett, aged 13 at the time, told the babysitter to leave before he then went on to attack his 4-year-old sister Ella in her bedroom.

First he choked and beat her, then stabbed her a total of 17 times. According to reports, Paris spoke to a friend on the phone for six minutes, before calling the police, who promptly arrived at the house and arrested the teen.

Murder of Tammy Homolka

After the brutal attack on his sister, Paris claimed he suffered a hallucination, in which he saw a demonic version of Ella. However, he later stated the murder was calculated and he woke up that morning in a clear state of mind. And in his first interview on British television the killer admits to Piers the murder was driven by a calculated desire to inflict pain and misery upon his mother, Charity.

Mum Forgives Psychopath Son Who Murdered His Four-Year-Old Sister - Good Morning Britain

Knowing he would go to prison and she would lose both her kids, he punished his mother in one go. I remember a time in this country when kids could go miles to play for the afternoon with their Friends. Oh Wait. I just read another article that said the bad guy's stab wounds happened in the house where the boy was killed. So that boy fought to the death for his life and that of his sister. On probation, huh?

He's been arrested 5 times this year alone. Another piece of shit who shouldnt be breathing kills a kid.

Just end these bastards. With our justice system he will probably be out on the streets in 5 years and do it again They talk about the murderer never seeing the light of day again?

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How about the death penalty for this low life belly crawling scum. He's one that should be hung in public. Brave young man. A real loss. If I recall, not to long ago Texas I think? Not trying to make this tragedy political, just saying I wish he was alive, and the intruder was full of bullet holes. Why respond to his ignorant and juvenile statements. He just does it to piss you off. Stop entertaining this fool. RIP to this young man.

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Prayers to his family and friends. Evidently he was responsible enough to surrender his young life for his sister. I would vote for a public hanging an maybe that would send a message to other criminals. You can have them, barrel first!! This case reiterates how there are violent psychos out there, and we must train our children to realize that. What a shame this little girl has to live with this nightmare she'll never forget. I hope she grows up stronger from this. God bless the family. This is only one example to show the love and caring person he was.

Son Wanted To 'Destroy' His Mother By Killing Little Sister

On behalf of the family I'd like to say they are beyond words to even say how greatful they are for the love you have all shown for Khyler, a hero. The family met their goal that was set and the contributions are just unbelievable. Cole remains in custody without bail. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser.

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