The Cuban Connection: Nixon, Castro, and the Mob

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Format: Books. Physical Description: pages, [8] pages of plates :illustrations, maps ;24 cm. Notes: Maps on lining papers. Though he was wary, Castro entertained some hope of establishing a rapprochement with Washington. But after being snubbed by President Eisenhower and receiving a less-than-cordial reception from Vice President Richard Nixon, Castro got the strong impression that US intentions toward his new Cuban government were hostile.

The New York Times. New York. December 5, Retrieved December 14, New York: A Forge Book, pp. Retrieved 30 May Spartacus Educational. September Retrieved 5 May January 31, Informant, and Center of Swirling Conspiracy Theories". Vanity Fair. New York Daily News.

Retrieved March 7, Thomas Encyclopedia of the Central Intelligence Agency. New York: Facts on File, Inc. Retrieved October 5, The Palm Beach Post. Palm Beach, Florida. Retrieved May 7, August 15, New York: W. Kennedy Revised ed. San Francisco: Quick American Archives. June Scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen fired at President John F.

Other scientific evidence does not preclude the possibility of two gunmen firing at the President. Scientific evidence negates some specific conspiracy allegations".

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Report of the Select Committee on Assassinations of the U. House of Representatives. Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Sarasota, Florida. July 9, Retrieved October 20, Lawrence Journal-World. Lawrence, Kansas. July 10, Delaware County Daily Times. Chester, Pennsylvania. Florence Times Tri-Cities Daily. Florence, Alabama. The Victoria Advocate.

Victoria, Texas. July 12, Washington, Pennsylvania. November 5, New York Post. The Village Voice. March 20, Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles. Retrieved December 30, I suppose I had been expecting to meet an aging, elegant beauty, a Mata Hari of sorts, her hair pulled off her face into a sleek chignon. Then there was the year career as an informer for the C. Even more chilling were the hushed stories that she holds the key to unraveling the Kennedy assassination. If not an entirely glamorous life, it has certainly been one with all peaks and no valleys.

Indeed, the woman I met looked exhausted. At 54, Marita Lorenz is no longer a femme fatale. Now quite broad in the beam, she wears dark, sexless clothes, usually black jeans, a turtleneck, and a jeans jacket. Crowning this bulky frame is a wide circle of a face, painted the palest of skin tones, and a raven-dyed 50s bouffant hairdo.

Also in the 50s motif are her nails—short and blunt but painted frosted pink, carrying a Parliament back and forth to her mouth. The only softness is in her eyes—doleful brown saucers under penciled eyebrows. You could have been a part of it—you know, part of history. You should have stayed. His name is Andre Vasquez. Her name is Marita Lorenz. While Lorenz has long been a patron saint of conspiracy buffs, she is hardly a household name.

In interviews spanning more than a month, she agreed to tell it in its entirety, a saga that has the episodic, roller-coaster feel of a Spanish-language soap opera, but that also offers seemingly tidy resolutions to many of the questions voiced about the intelligence community throughout the 60s and 70s. However, while at least half of what she says is readily documented by the accounts of others and by F.

In recent years, Lorenz has been living in a cramped studio apartment in Queens, New York. Although once a sleepy middle-class neighborhood, Jackson Heights has become the cocaine capital of the Northeast and the stomping grounds of Colombian drug cartels.

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None of this fazes Lorenz, who says she has long been used to dangerous Latins. Also on prominent display are a fishtank with one occupant—an orange piranha—a pet rat caged , a guinea pig, a cat, and seven birds. The only homey touches are some books about spying and Cuban history, a few family photos, and several portraits of Castro. Although fluent in three languages, Lorenz speaks street English, but it is the street talk of another time, like the speech in On the Waterfront.

In fact, much of the time she dresses, walks, talks, drinks, and smokes like a longshoreman. At our first meeting, a noontime lunch, she knocks back a glass of straight vodka minutes after she sits down. Espionage, however, was always a part of the family business. Her mother was a spy, and there is evidence that her father did some double-agenting.

En route to a movie location in France in the early 30s, she met and fell in love with Heinrich Lorenz, a wealthy German navy captain. Lorenz talked her into giving up her career and settling down with him in Bremen. The couple had four children, the last being Marita, who was born in August Alice Lorenz was not allowed to leave Germany. Early in the war she rescued a French soldier and a British pilot, who recruited her into the French underground and British intelligence.

Attempts to Overthrow Cuban Leader Fidel Castro

In she was thrown into the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where she almost died. Liberated by the Allies, the shattered Lorenz family moved to Bremerhaven, where Alice went to work for U. Army intelligence and later the O. Many close to Lorenz say that her childhood rape and the subsequent trial, in which she testified against the soldier, set in motion a lifelong pattern of violence and revenge in her relationships with men. In the family moved to the States and eventually settled in Manhattan. While Heinrich Lorenz was a captain of luxury ocean liners, his wife slid into the American intelligence community, working alternately, it appears, with army intelligence and at the Pentagon.

On February 28, , the Berlin dropped anchor in Havana harbor. It was filled with around 27 men, all with the same beard. One was taller than the others. He was standing on the bow, and he had a rifle. Her father was taking his afternoon nap, so Marita took command.

Only two months earlier, Castro had seized the island from Batista. Marita, who had never even been on a date, says she was instantly mesmerized by Castro. He looks right in your eye. We had drinks and sloppy joes. He immediately made me feel nervous. I had to kill two hours until my father woke up. I gave him a tour.

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Then I had to lose him, because I wanted to be more pretty. Marita raced down to her cabin to primp, but she was soon interrupted by a knock on the door. It was the steward. He was smoking one of those humongous cigars. The steward disappeared, and Fidel closed the door. Papa told me Batista is out and somebody else is in. I guess you are that somebody. He was the sweetest, tenderest. I guess nobody ever forgets their first lover. Days later, Marita was in the family apartment on West 87th Street. I was stirring this Jell-O, and the phone rings. This was the big love of her life.

From the airport she was escorted to the Habana Libre hotel, formerly the Habana Hilton, where Castro occupied one whole floor. For the next seven months, she lived there with him. Marita traveled through Cuba with Fidel, perfected her Spanish, and suffered through his flings with other girlfriends. Eisenhower refused to meet him, dispatching his vice president, Richard Nixon, who had little patience with the bearded Cuban.

A German-Cuban baby! Frank Sturgis, formerly Frank Fiorini of Norfolk, Virginia, who would later make history as one of the Watergate burglars, spent the late 50s working in Havana. In return, Castro rewarded him with the prized position of operating the casinos, and promoted him to chief of air-force intelligence. Early on, it became clear that forging a relationship with the U. Lorenz claims that Sturgis saw the writing on the wall and knew it was time to switch teams again. As for Sturgis, he makes no bones about his various allegiances. I can help you.

Both of them were wearing their revolutionary uniforms, having been made honorary members by Castro in his 26th of July Movement. I think he dived into the American Embassy after that. According to Sturgis, who denies that he ever worked for the Mob, he recruited Lorenz while she was living with Castro. I tried to get her to poison Fidel, but she backed off because she was in love with the son of a bitch. Not then. Crying, she says, because she never got to raise him.

It is a heartbreaking story, but under scrutiny, according to some observers, it unravels like a cheap sweater. While it is indisputable that Lorenz had a long affair with Castro and became pregnant, perhaps even twice, there is no evidence that a child was born. In early October , she says, when she was seven and a half months pregnant, she was slipped a Mickey in a glass of milk. Why this happened she does not know, although one possibility is that the drug was intended for Castro.

Castro has said that the most successful assassination attempt on his life was by a C. The baby is fine. He was on the other side of the island. However, in , Lorenz told a different story. Soon after her arrival in New York, she was admitted to Roosevelt Hospital, where, according to retired F. She never said anything about having a kid. I knew one thing: she was in over her head.

According to an F. Miss Lorenz stated that it was after this miscarriage and the reaction of Fidel Castro, that she turned against him.

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A second pregnancy may have ended in an abortion on September 19, , according to another F. Other F. One F. Even more mysterious is the fact that she freely offered the reports that contradict her baby story. A freelance photojournalist, Rorke had covered the Cuban Revolution. After a stint in a Cuban jail, he became a rabid anti-Castroite, eventually working for the C. He taught me how to pray. For weeks, she says, her mother, Rorke, and Sturgis hammered away at her on the evils of Castro and Communism.

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Her mother wrote Castro an outraged letter and sent copies to Eisenhower, Cardinal Spellman, and the Pope. However, it is indisputable that she worked with various anti-Castro groups that were supervised and funded by the C. In Miami, where she was trained for her mission, she says she met the man in charge of the ultrasecret unit dubbed Operation Eduardo, as Sturgis introduced him, was tall and rather elegant. Howard Hunt. Sturgis bragged about him and Hunt going to see Dulles. A few weeks later, Lorenz says, she returned to carry out the assassination. Just one would do the trick—killing within 30 seconds, she was told.

Whatever ambivalence she felt about her mission was compounded when she said good-bye to Alex Rorke as she boarded her plane. Like speed. Just simply walked in, said hi to the personnel at the desk, went upstairs to the suite. Room I went in and waited. Even if she had had the will to go through with her mission, she had already botched it, having stashed the capsules in a jar of cold cream.