The Wilder Heart, a Traditional Regency Valentine novella (Regency Escapes Book 1)

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Settle in for another Coffee Chat and meet mystery author Maggie Foster. Good morning, Maggie. Before we get started, may I get you something to drink? MF: I drink Earl Gray tea every morning and coffee everywhere else. While I do, please tell readers something of your background.

In addition to being steeped in Scottish traditions and culture, she has spent a lifetime in healthcare as a nurse, lawyer, and teacher. Her interests include history, genealogy, music, dance, travel, dark chocolate, good whisky, and men in kilts. I tend to use obscure details that tell an insider my protagonist something, but that look meaningless to everyone else. If so, in what way? Create-a-Corpse is a promotion in which I ask readers and would-be readers to suggest a person from his or her life that would make a good Dead Body. Readers are also allowed to suggest other characters and roles.

I have one who wants to be the murderer! MF: a. Before you go, please tell us more about your featured book. The trick is knowing which — and when. The Up-Helly-Aa was not intended as a real Viking funeral. But the discovery of a charred corpse hidden in the wreckage sends Jim and Ginny racing cross country in a perilous attempt to obtain justice for one of their own, with the law and divine retribution in hot pursuit.

Our guest is Grace Topping, author of Staging is Murder. The rest of the time, I am a tea drinker. Being married to an Englishman, we have tea in a tea pot covered with a tea cozy readily available all day. Ally: Tea drinkers are welcome too.

Thanks for stopping. Come back soon!

Let loose to write fiction, she is now creating murder mysteries and killing off characters who remind her of some of the people she dealt with during her career. Fictional revenge is sweet. The first book in the series, Staging is Murder, is about a woman starting a new career midlife as a home stager. She lives with her husband in Northern Virginia. Most negative or frustrating? The mystery writing community is a very supportive one. The most negative aspect of having a writing career—most definitely sitting too much. And if I could overcome my addiction to Facebook, I would be even more productive.

I get some exercise from walking downstairs to the microwave to reheat my cup of tea—several times a day. In Staging is Murder , my main character, Laura Bishop, only becomes involved in an investigation because the grandmother of the young man accused of the murder virtually begs her to find the killer. To say she is a reluctant sleuth is an understatement. Laura has a big flaw—she dislikes and tries to steer clear of good-looking men. Every time someone hurt her, took credit for her work, embarrassed her, etc. That really complicates her dealings with an attractive police detective assigned to the case and a local real estate agent with movie star good looks who is trying to sell the house she is staging before the bank can take it over.

Why or why not. Would they be easier, harder, or just different?

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My daughter loved it, but not so much agents or publishers. Everyone thinks they can write for children, but it is a lot harder than it sounds. Then I wrote a short play for middle school kids, which is also in a drawer somewhere. The experience gained from writing a play was invaluable. It gave me a good grasp of writing scenes and dialogue. In a play, other than the setting, the dialogue has to carry everything. As a result, I wrote my mystery with scenes in mind with very little description, emotion, and everything else that adds to a book.

As I learned more about writing, I added characterization, emotion, etc. If Hollywood comes calling, I would enjoy trying my hand at writing a screenplay of my book. I tweet occasionally and have one posting on Instagram, but the majority of time I favor Facebook. It enables me to belong to a number of mystery writing and mystery reader Facebook groups. I learn a lot from the writing groups and enjoy interacting with readers.

I have particular authors that I turn to during times of stress—like waiting for medical test results. Their books can totally take my mind off whatever is driving me crazy. I would be thrilled if someone wrote and said that my book helped get them through a rough time. It should be out, hopefully, April If a romance writer put that in a novel, it would sound contrived, but it happens. Favorite movie? For warm fuzzy feelings, I love movies with Meg Ryan. For a really good laugh, Galaxy Quest. Favorite song? If I were on my deathbed and heard it, I would have to get up and dance.

Favorite Quote? We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. Worse still, the meddling of a horoscope-guided friend, a determined grandmother, and the local funeral director could get them all killed before Laura props the first pillow. Are you ready for coffee and book talk? How do you take your coffee, Keta?

Wonder if I could diminish my constant craving by putting it through an IV directly into my arm? Just kidding. I like my coffee strong with cream. Including mine! When she isn't writing or gardening, she loves to commune with nature. A pair of barn owls returns to the property every year to birth their young and show them off in the high branches of the oak trees. Nothing more adorable than these white fluffy babies with heart-shaped faces.

A lifelong animal lover, Keta devotes her time and support to the local animal shelter. Emma LaPounce, a rescued feline, has been her furry companion for the last ten years. Keta is an award-winning and best-selling author who writes in several genres: Western Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance.

In a past life, she wrote Gay Romance. Ps: For some strange reason, ghosts often show up in her stories, no matter the genre. We lived in a very old house when I was three years old tin ceilings, cornice boards everywhere. Mom is 92 years old now and still remembers those nights. Mostly my ideas come from watching people interact with one another, like at a mall. I also like the freedom. If there is a special event or a family get-together I can always attend.

Long gone are the days where you could publish your book and hope that with a little word of mouth it will do well. The market is so competitive, it takes a tremendous amount of organization and planning to market every book. I have an idea of who they are or what they do for a living, but full character depth is developed along the way.

Something or other always comes up lately — first a health issue that lasted a year, and then a large moving event. I hope one day soon things will settle down and I can finish that story. Ally: Which quick answer questions did you pick? The best kind of love begins as a friendship that lasts out of respect, caring and putting the other person before you…always. Then comes love. Come back and chat again when you get that demon hunters book written! Before we close this interview, please show us your featured book.

Especially not after she finds out he was in the woods to survey her property. Rann's mother owns Terra Care, a land development company.

The Wilder Heart

She wants Season's land to put up a strip of luxury condos along the lake. And she wants it bad. Although Rann works for his mother, he's never been close to her. But now he realizes the cold, ruthless woman will go to any lengths to get what she wants and dispose of anyone who gets in her way.

Caught between his rich and powerful mother and the woman he loves, Rann is forced to make a choice. He soon realizes love is complicated Happy Wednesday, Booklovers! Grab your drinks and pull up a chair. Would you like coffee or something else to drink? It deepens the chocolate flavor — yum! My magic pot can make anything, so that raspberry smoothie will be ready in a moment. You just have time to tell readers something about yourself. Her books have enjoyed bestseller status. She shares her medical knowledge in fast-paced, well-written, sexy romances — with an unexpected twist.

Her favorite prescription to write? Laugh every day. Love every minute. Targeting a female audience with romance novels seemed like a good idea because women are usually the ones who see a doctor. Plus, laughter is essential to great health! Ally: Where do you find your story ideas? News stories, headlines, lyrics of songs, watching people, and listening to snippets of conversation all inspire my imagination.

Even my own quirky characteristics, like wanting to know the ending of a movie or a book, or judging drivers by the color of their car have ended up in a story. The male names are the hardest because I have 3 sons, and they have a lot of friends. Ally: What inspired you to write the book we're featuring today? I joined a group of nine other authors and we all wrote a romance set in Copper Mills, Arizona. I loved the idea of characters from the other books popping in for a visit and readers getting to know and love the small town.

Ally: Stepping away from writing for a moment Worrying about icy roads, delayed flights, and long train rides would be a thing of the past. What a time saver and imagine not having to find a parking space, ever. I can dig it. Ally: Are you ready for a few short answer questions? Before we have to let you go, please show us your featured book Melissa Sinclair is a single mom, and her adopted son comes first in her life. Tash resents having to take time off — and has an even harder time staying away now that Melissa is around.

Now he just has to decide which is more important: his job or Melissa? Happy Spring, Booklovers! I grew up in Toronto, Canada and moved to Britain almost three decades ago. I wrote historical fiction, often with an Irish connection, for several years before veering off into cozy mysteries. A Timeless Celebration is the first book in the Century Cottage Cozy Mysteries series, and my first book set in my homeland. I loved playing and competing with a pipe band in parades and piping contests in Canada, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

When I found a real place to inspire my fictional town the Century Cottage Cozy Mystery series was born. The specific seed that sowed A Timeless Celebration , my first cozy mystery in the series, was a random thought that popped into my head. Then I worked back from that idea to decide why the watch was important, where it was stolen from, and how and why my main character, Lois Stone, would search for it and get it back. That one random thought about where it might be possible to hide a stolen item got my imagination working and A Timeless Celebration was the result.

Though I have to admit that I may have a bit of a crush on her quiet friend, Bruce, because I can just imagine his soulful eyes. But back to Lois. In many ways, though not entirely, she is very like me so I feel an affinity with her. So as I created Lois, I deliberately used some of my own likes and dislikes to make her real. She is someone who is dependable and trustworthy with firm standards. I wanted her to be believable rather than larger than life, and her struggle with grief after the death of her husband and her determination to get involved in her new community, despite her shyness, are challenges that I think will resonate with many readers.

I love setting stories in the past but it requires much more detailed research than setting stories in the present does. This adds to the time and work involved in writing the book. Her Mystic Notch series that features a bookshop owner and Pandora, her cat that has paranormal abilities, completely drew me into it. I loved the nods to Irish myth that are found throughout the books.

The mysteries are compelling reading and I like the husband and wife duo working together to solve mysteries in exotic locations. The books are good, solid mysteries without too much gore. It will be available in April. Ally: Please give me your quick answers to the following: a. They are set in different eras but both are very much about the characters and that always appeals to me.

You have to start somewhere. But love grows as you get to know someone and share good and bad times with them. What comes to your first - character or plot? Once I have an idea where a story is going, I figure out who needs to be part of it. Before you go, please show us your featured book. Middle-aged widow Lois has moved from bustling Toronto to tranquil Fenwater and is settling into her new life away from the dangers of the city. Then two events happen that shatter her serenity: her house is burgled and an antique watch belonging to a Titanic survivor is stolen from the local museum.

Good Morning, Booklovers! Signs of Spring have finally arrived in the Midwest. Clarke to the Coffee Chat. How do you take your coffee, Missye? When not in the mood for a smooth joe, my Mrs. Ally: While my magic pot is brewing that Melitta, please introduce yourself to readers. During summer camp in the late s, a darling girlfriend was going through a nasty break-up. She was awesome, and I wanted to do it. Unintended consequences: her ex was pretty much treated like an outcast for the rest of camp.

You write un-formulaically, so market them much the same way. When I get decent video equipment, www. As an author, I have to allow room for myself and my characters to offer social commentary a bit in the stories when warranted. Wolf, D. Lewis, and Judy Blume. What are your hobbies? Ally: Thanks for visiting the blog, Missye. Before you go, please tell us more about your featured book, Jersey Dogs. Two mysterious prostitutes. And a biologic father wants both sons dead. Casper's and Logan McGuinness's junior year opens with a bloodstained, unexpected contact and an eerie text coming to pass.

Subscribe to Blog by RSS feed or email:. Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner. Embers of Fire Guardian Witch Legacy 1 of 3. Awakening the Fire Guardian Witch original series 1 of 7. Ghost Walking Maggie York 1 of 3. Elvenrude Book 1 of trilogy. But who and why? There is so much going on in this story that there is simply no time to ever get bored. Jake has collected a couple of stray boys and lets them work on the ranch as cowhands and collects a third stray during this tale who add a flavor to the story.

The character of Jake is larger than life. She can rope, shoot, give orders like a commander, is brave, gentle, thoughtful; she is just so much FUN! As for Ben, his thoughts vacillate on what he wants to do in his future, Boston lawyer or ranch owner, though it is obvious early on what his answer should be. He has an analytical mind that never seems to slow down.

He can fight, drink, is brave, gentle, thoughtful, but is no good when it comes to roping. Forming a loop to toss over a steer is just so hard for him. Why toss a loop from the back of a horse when you can jump on the target and then loop it over the neck? It makes for some humorous times. The Boston girlfriend is a villain from the beginning. I instantly disliked her and for good reasons.

You will have to read to find those reasons out. But her brother is the total opposite. I liked him early on. All major characters have well developed backgrounds and the story is not overflowing in filler, as many are these days. Rogers writes stories that readers remember long after they close the covers. As the story opens, Josh McKinnon is having a bad day. His arm had been shot a month prior and is still not fully healed. To top it all off, the sheriff deputizes him and orders him to look after some actress due on the stage.

Being British nobility, she is sure to be a spoiled lady who expects everyone to pamper her. Not this man though!

Renaissance at Regency Madeline

He has four thousand acres with nary a building, yet his horses have already been ordered. He needed the lumber shipment fast if he is to have a chance to build a corral and barn before they arrive. Pearl Jane Evans hates pretending to be Lady Pearl Montford, but she and her brother get a lot of money from it. They may have purchased a ranch, but they still needed money for horses. Just one more year to go and then Lady Montford would disappear back to England, never to be heard from again. The last thing Pearl wants is a bodyguard. He is one of the meanest men she has ever had the misfortune to meet and he is determined to make Lady Montford his wife, whether she likes it or not.

Then there is the freelance reporter, Robert Brown, who follows her from town-to-town. He has been a thorn in her side for too long. Pearl and Josh want nothing to do with each other, but they are playing opposite each other in the play. This means they are not only stuck together before and after the show, but during it as well. But time soon has Josh seeing the real Pearl and she is an amazing sight to behold, especially with her unique background. Perhaps things will not be so bad after all.

They begin to get along just fine. So fine, in fact, that the town folks start taking bets as to how long it would take Josh to propose to the beautiful actress. Bad guys, horse thieves, romance, shoot outs … this story has it all, with a bit of humor tossed in. Jacquie Rogers shows, once again, that she knows what her audience wants to read.

I found the little innuendos to be amusing and the main male character to be hotter than a forest fire. If you enjoy having characters well developed and written in a style easy to read, then this story is for you. Owyhee County has grabbed my heart and I cannot wait to read more about the wonderful people there and their interesting lives. Rogers makes Owyhee County the place to be! Her father is E. These days his mind is slipping and he rarely even recognizes his own daughter.

The cost of his care is high. Their financial state is dire. Having the same initials as her father, Eva has been accepting and completing contracts as E. Hyde and now has a huge project overseas to build what is to be the most extravagant hotel in the world. So it is off to New York! Eva ends up having a passionate shipboard encounter, not realizing the man was Phillip Mansfield, her new employer, until she is in New York. Phillip reluctantly agrees to let Lady Eva oversee his project until her father is well enough to travel. He has no idea that Lord Cassell would never recover.

Still finding Lady Eva to be too tempting, he draws up his own plan to seduce her. When a series of accidents begin to happen, mumbles among the construction crew is that the fault lies with a woman being at the site. Phillip decides he is willing to do anything to protect her.

It was hard for women in to excel at anything due to many men believing that women were not smart enough to do most jobs. Architecture is but one example. I found myself very impressed with how the author managed to show this, keep a romance going, toss in a good helping of drama, and a bit of sabotage all in one story. There are some delightful secondary characters that I do not even mention to help the story along at a smooth pace; each of those characters have their own developed background as well.

She has made a new fan in me! December She is now twenty-years-old, disillusioned when it comes to men, and doing everything she can to keep the family fed and cared for while her brother the only surviving family member old enough to earn money was out in the gold fields. Callie is alone, caring for her two younger brothers and infant niece, when Levi Wallin arrives to inform her of the death of her brother, Adam.

Before he died, Adam had asked Levi to care for his family. Levi was once a minister, but had lost his way. Levi feels as though God is giving him this opportunity to make amends and help a friend. He convinces Callie to come live with his family at Wallin Landing as his wards. Levi will see them clothed, fed, housed and educated. However, Adam knows that should Callie find out why he feels compelled to help her and her family, she may not want anything to do with him.

The more Levi learns about Callie, the more he wishes he were worthy of her affections. If you are looking for an Inspirational Christmas love story to put you in the holiday mood, then this novel is for you! Callie is a terrific role model. I loved her from the beginning. Levi is hard on himself, for very good reasons, yet I still found myself liking the man; again, for very good reasons.

This Inspirational Historical Romance had me squinting my eyes in suspicion, reflecting on words of wisdom, grinning at childish humor, and melting over earnest emotions between characters. In other words, it kept me guessing as to what would happen next and left me feeling totally satisfied of the outcome. Absolutely terrific! To keep Frank from learning about their new born son, Peter, Dottie answers an ad for a wife and moves to Seattle, Washington Territory.

Yet upon meeting John Wallin, the man claims he never placed the ad. John is stunned to find out that his sister, Beth, ordered him a mail-order bride. He is positive the lovely widow will make someone a wonderful wife, but not him. He invites Dottie and Peter to stay with his family until she can find her own way. So why does he feel protective and jealous when Dottie begins receiving male suitors? And why is the lady so cautious and wary? It is as if she believes men are all tricksters. Has a man hurt her before? This story was so good that I could not put it down. I read the entire novel in one sitting.

the wilder heart a traditional regency valentine novella regency escapes book 1 Manual

The characters are all well developed. The writing style is smooth. Best of all, everything stays true to the time period. Readers understand WHY Dottie is distrustful, yet she has managed to remain a good person and does all she possibly can to secure a good life for her infant son. He is a logger who enjoys reading and a certain cat, but unlike his brothers he does not consider himself to be a hero and that is what Dottie needs. He believes that Dottie deserves better and genuinely wants to help her. Yet I still found the last few chapters to be very intense and suspenseful.

I even caught my breath at one point. This is a fantastic addition to the series. I cannot wait for the next installment. Perhaps Beth will have her story told soon. Yet she knows that it could never happen. After all, she is but a plain shop girl. As the duke is exchanging blows with a large Scot, Poppy spies a carriage bearing down on him and leaps into action.

Poppy manages to push the young duke to safety, but he lapses into a coma. As the family embraces Poppy and her fifteen-year-old sister, Bryony, into the fold, she feels even more guilty. But one family member is not fooled. The infuriating Scot. Struan Mackenzie is the illegitimate and abandoned son of the late duke. He may have been born in poverty, but he now has more money than his half-brother would ever acquire.

Struan knows that he will forever be an outsider among the ton , just as he knows the annoying Poppy to e a fraud. His haughty step-brother would never court a lowly shop girl, much less propose to one. Struan finds Poppy to be a liar and tightly wound; however, he soon also finds her to be charming, loyal, and far too tempting.

This novel clearly shows why. All characters are well developed, including secondary ones. The writing style is easy to read and the plot is not only realistic, but humorous at times. The heroine, Poppy, is kind-hearted. She enjoys daydreaming about the duke, but never really fools herself into believing her fantasies could ever happen. Yet this little seamstress has no intention of allowing that to happen again.

In a bold move, Nora proposes a marriage of convenience to Simon Wallin, a rugged logger. Simon shoulders the responsibility of caring for his family. That includes his mother, sister, brothers, their wives, all future babies, and the animals. By his calculation his family would just scrape through this winter with enough food for them all. And by the looks the pair shares, that may happen in the near future.

This story targets the readers who enjoy a Christmas romance story without a lot of danger and tension. After a rough week at work, this way exactly what I needed to help me relax over the weekend. Charles and Meredith bring much drama to the story, but the primary focus remains on Nora and Simon. She loves to do things for others, including the adoptions of a few interesting animals — such as the dog who can talk! He likes things told to him straight up and no surprises. It is wonderful to watch Nora simply be herself and end up making Simon realize that his life can have the loving happiness that his brothers do.

If you have read the other titles in this series, you will see familiar names as secondary characters. However, you do not have to read any of the other stories to fully enjoy this one. It stands alone.

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And so does this author! I cannot recommend this novel highly enough. Nancy Bennett never had a clue that her husband, Lucas, was a cattle rustler. Now that Lucas is dead, Nancy is in trouble. Banker Winston Cramore does not believe that a pregnant woman can run the ranch and is threatening to foreclose. To help Nancy and her unborn child, Hank proposes marriage.

This inspirational historical romance has a little bit of everything. The author includes, not only some romance, but also mystery, suspense, and drama. Who can possibly resist such a mixture? There are no really hot bedroom scenes or foul language, if those bother you. Just a wonderful story, filled with a variety of likable characters, and dealing with real issues of life.

His plans are to marry a lady with a spotless reputation, sire an heir, ensure the success of his new cocoa manufactory, and then return to his business in Trinidad. He invited four ladies and their mothers to his home in Surrey. After only a few days, James would choose his new duchess. Charlene Beckett is the unacknowledged daughter of an earl and a courtesan. It is an answer to all of her prayers when Lady Desmond makes her an offer. I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of novels set within the Regency Era.

It is rare when I find one that has no life threatening danger, yet holds onto my interest as if it overflowed with suspense. I only managed to put this book down once — to order pizza because I certainly was not going to take the time to cook anything. The character of Charlene is a strong one, yet very loving. The new earl, James, is selfish at first but quickly changes.

He has also brought his illegitimate daughter from Trinidad, to the surprise of the Society ladies. Of course, this young girl plays a key role in helping Charlene and James in various ways. She is absolutely precious! Though I have never read anything from this author before, Lenora Bell has made a new fan in me. I will be looking into the first title of this series and will definitely be reading the next. Lieutenant Edmund Summerfield and Amelie Glenville spend one night of bliss together before he sets off to war.

Three months later, after his leg is injured in the Battle of Waterloo, Edmund returns. Amelie pulls him aside to inform Edmund that she is pregnant but expects nothing from him. Of course, Edmund refuses to be released from his responsibility. He is determined that his child would be not be labeled as illegitimate, as he had been. After only a little coaxing, Amelie agrees to marry him. Had Amelie not been pregnant, they would never have allowed Edmund to even court her. Once the pair settles in at Middlerock, Amelie and Edmund hope to turn their marriage of convenience into something more.

This heroine never tried to blame their night of bliss on Edmund. On the contrary, Amelie tried her best to let everyone know that she had been the one to convince Edmund to stay the night with her. She never expected to ever see him again after that single night. That was the way things were during this time in history. The author remained true to the era during this entire story. Everything was realistic to the time period.

The main characters are very well developed; though it takes them awhile to learn that trust between couples is essential to a marriage. I can hardly wait to read the next installment in the Summerfield family. Highly recommended! The pair come together as Constance part of the Falcon Club investigates a secret cult that seems to sacrifice maidens as part of their Dark Arts.

The character of Constance a. Sparrow, in the Falcon Club is not new. The Falcon Club has a series of its own and Constance is excellent at cozening information from others to help her fellow agents; however, this story is the beginning of a new series and this intriguing pair starts it off right! Author Katharine Ashe has long since proven to be a master of the writing craft. This tale shows why. At times I found the writing to be a little too long-winded, but it also allowed for a fuller, richer background on the main players, as well as for some surprises.

I look forward to the next installment of this series. Shannon McKinley flees her drunken and domineering father, Angus, when he arranges for her to wed with Buchanan. Shannon leaves Scotland for America and prepares to begin a new life. She answers an advertisement for a nanny and makes a very uncomfortable ride to Texas Territory with her fingers crossed. Luke Griffin expects an older woman to answer his ad for a mail-order nanny.

With his past, Luke has enough to worry about with all the hot heads that come around trying to make a name for themselves as a gunslinger. Since his wife died a few years ago, Luke has had his hands full with running the ranch. This leaves very little time for his children and he does not believe someone as frail-looking as Shannon will be up to the task either. He gives her one month to prove him wrong. Growing up in the Highlands, Shannon is much tougher than she appears. The children are stubborn and willful, but Shannon is sure that she can turn them around.

Eight-year-old Molly and six-year-old Tobey simply need a bit of attention, discipline, and guidance. As everything begins to settle into place, Shannon realizes that her father has not given up chasing her. Angus has sent two clansmen to America with orders to bring Shannon home, whether she wants to come or not. However, Luke has changed his mind about Shannon, in more ways than one, and the clansmen will have to go through him if they want to reach his fiery-haired lass.

The story of Shannon and Luke was so much fun to read!

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  • I knew upon first meeting the character of Shannon that she was going to give the hero a run for his money — and I was not disappointed. As for Luke, the way the author introduces him shows that there is more to this man than meets the eye. His past experience makes him the perfect match for Shannon. The two are a lot alike and that means you the readers are in for a special treat as this romantic adventure unfolds.

    Author Brenda Jernigan paints a vivid portrait of the early West that almost made me feel as if I were there. Romance, adventure, and some historical bits thrown into the mix make this story just too good to miss. I cannot recommend this tale highly enough! Author: Kathleen E. Heather Simmons had it all, until her father made poor decisions. Destitute, Heather had to live with Aunt Fanny who forced Heather to do all the chores, wear oversized rags, and all but beg for crumbs to eat.

    So when William Court, offered her a respectable position, Heather jumped at the chance. She is still in shock when she is approached by two men and ends up in the cabin of Captain Brandon Birmingham. Having asked George, his man servant, to locate him a lady to spend the evening with, Brandon never expects Heather to be anything but a prostitute. When it becomes clear that the lady is not acting shy and coy, it is too late. Not only has Brandon taken her virtue, but he refuses to let her go. Skipping much to shorten my synopsis and not give away spoilers. He blames Heather for everything.

    Of course, the two women are instantly enemies. His brother, Jeffrey, is delighted that his new sister-in-law is not only nice and sweet, but will never be the shrew named Louise. Now if only Heather and Brandon can earn the love and trust of each other. This was one of the first adult romances that I read as a teen and I am delighted that the publisher is bringing it back for a whole new generation to enjoy. The only downside to this story is the various misunderstandings because the main couple refuses to communicate with each other. I just wanted to pop them upside their heads a few times.

    As for Louisa, now there is a bad girl that readers will just love to hate! This story is one of the classics of the Historical Romance genre and one that every young lady should read at least once. The year is It has been months, but Maddie has finally settled in Seattle and sent for her siblings. Ciara and Aiden were supposed to be accompanied by a female companion, who Maddie had hoped to hire as help in her newly established bakery.

    Instead, the children are escorted by Michael Haggerty and her siblings expect Maddie to wed him. Maddie allows Michael to work off his passage by assisting in her bakery and helping care for her siblings, but she will never risk her newfound independence by marring the handsome Irishman. In New York, Michael ran afoul of a notorious Irish gang called the Dead Rabbits; therefore, traveling west was best for his continued good health. Michael has grown fond of his two charges. Upon meeting Maddie, he firmly states that he will abide by her wishes for him to be on his way, but only after he has repaid her for his traveling expenses and he is sure the children are well cared for.

    The longer Michael is around Maddie the more fond he becomes of her. So when danger rears its head, threatening Maddie, Ciara, and Aiden, he will do anything to protect them. All the stories I have read by Regina Scott have been well written and inspirational. The characters are fully developed, the plots are situated on strong foundations, and the stories remain true to their time periods.

    This story is no different from those facts. I opened the book to its first page and was swept away to a time long ago. The only character that I never came to care for was Ciara. Though to be honest, I have no doubt that many eleven-year-olds act too regal for their own good; however, I just never seemed to connect with the girl.

    If all goes well, Rina would become a teacher at Lake Union School. Upon reaching her destination, Rina finds out that the school is brand new and she would be the only teacher. There are only a few students, but the community is growing, as would her class size. Rina fits the bill perfectly. The problem is how he would convince her to accept the position. Just as the new teacher is settling in, one drunk, threatening parent has Rina reconsidering the position.

    When Rina and James end up stranded in the wilderness together for a few days, James offers his hand in marriage to protect her reputation. The character of James is unlike most I have read. He is a tease and jokes often. He can take any dark situation and show you there is still light to be found somewhere. These are the types of characters that Regina Scott has become a master at crafting.

    Her characters have multiple layers. They do not fall into any set template. Each is well developed and has their own personality. At the same time, the author keeps the people, their situations, and the world around them true to the time period. Even minor background characters, such as Robert McKenzie who runs an out of the way hostelry, are memorable. Now there is a character I would live to see again someday! If you love Romance, you will love this tale by Regina Scott.

    It is May Catherine Stanway has traveled from Boston to use her nursing skills to save lives, not to find a husband. When a man enters and asks the doctor to come with him to care for his mother, Catherine cannot help but compare his to a knight. But the clinic has too many patients for the doctor to make a long distance house call.

    Shortly after the man leaves, a younger one enters. Before she knows what is happening, Catherine finds herself gagged, tied, and kidnapped. Eighteen-year-old Levi is the one that gives the most trouble. Yet Drew never imagined that Levi would kidnap the lovely nurse. By the time Drew finds out, it is too late to return Catherine before dark. This means Drew has to return the lady to Seattle tomorrow, taking away time from his busy schedule.

    After tending to Mrs. Wallin at Wallin Landing, Catherine decides to stay until her patient is well. But who is it and why? Meanwhile, Catherine is doing her best to keep herself from becoming too attached to the Wallin family; especially from Drew. But the longer Catherine must reside in their home, the more her heart begins to melt for Drew.

    As much as I enjoyed the first title of this series, I love this one even more. For me, this tale was like watching an episode of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. I would also dub this book as a Christian Romance. The characters often call on God for guidance. It seems to have something for everyone. The character of Catherine is a strong one. No simpering miss here! She is intelligent, brave, and knows what she wants.

    Family is very important to him. This gentleman is brave, skilled, and has much honor. I cannot express how great this story is, nor can I recommend it highly enough. Absolutely wonderful! When he spies a lovely lady playing the cello in a dreadful musicale, he thinks he has struck gold. Iris Smyth-Smith is witty and intelligent. She tends to blend into the background, which suits her just fine since that means she may do what she enjoys most, watch people.

    This has made Iris a very observant person. So when Sir Richard demands an introduction, she is suspicious. As he courts her with a cheerful briskness, Iris cannot help but wonder just what he is hiding from her. In less than two weeks Sir Richard proposes to Iris. Just as she is giving her answer, the proposal turns into a compromising position — and she believes that was exactly what Sir Richard wanted to happen. But why? The first half of this story is the introduction, whirlwind courtship, and wedding of Iris and Sir Richard in London.

    I feel unable to tell much about that portion for rear of giving away spoilers. The two sisters are not exactly inviting because they know why their brother married Iris so fast. However, Iris has five siblings and thirty-four first cousins, so she is more than able to handle them. I have always enjoyed a story in which neither the hero, nor the heroine, are idiots.

    The author consistently creates likeable and believable characters and dumps them into intriguing situations. She can easily teach a young girl all she would need to know. Marcus, the Duke of Rutherford, never expected to inherit the title. He knows nothing about how to manage an estate or his new responsibilities. When his illegitimate daughter, Rose, is dumped on him, Marcus is shocked to understand that he knows even less than nothing about caring for a four-year-old girl; however, he is determined to care for Rose. To this end, Marcus hires a governess but fails to check out her references or lack thereof.

    Megan Frampton has crafted a humorous romance with a child that I often found to be more interesting than the adults. The hero came across to me as a lazy waste of flesh at first; yet the devotion he shows in being a decent father went a long way toward redemption in my eyes. The story has a humorous undertone and watching the two main characters clash was pure delight! Megan Frampton seems to know what her readers enjoy in a romance.

    After her parents died, she has watched helplessly as her brother, Robin, was torn away from her and placed in an asylum because he was slower than others his age. The group fled to Indian Territory so the authorities would not take Robin away again. The group planned live in hiding until their grandfather found them. It is not , eight years later. Shane Latimer is a United States Marshal. He is on the verge of solving the Merry Men case. Little John, having seen what happened, takes Shane to Mary. Once awake, and seeing that he is vulnerable, Shane pretends to have lost his memory.

    While recuperating, Shane watches and learns about the odd group taking care of him. Then his idol and friend, Marshal Sam Weathers, shows up. Sam is on the tail of another criminal, Buck Landen. While with Mary and Robin, Sam teaches Shane that crime is not always black and while. After all, Sam had once saved Shane from being hanged unjustly. This title was previously published under the name Stolen Wishes. My synopsis hardly scratches the surface of what this story entails. There is a lot more action, danger, and drama than I tell. I never found myself growing bored.

    And when Mary and Shane finally admit their feelings for each other, the bedroom scenes become spicy. However, that does not happen until around mid-novel and Stover does not get so kinky that I end up blushing. Deb Stover has an eye for details too. She explains why everyone is named after characters from the tales of Robin Hood. She even adds little touches such as the sign near their isolated cabin that welcomes travelers to Sherwood Forest. This is a fantastic story that I am sorry to have missed years ago and very happy that it has been republished!

    Ravenna ran free and had a wonderful way with animals. She learned all she could about how to care for them. Of course, Mr. Pettigrew had no idea that his new employee was to be a woman and he could not allow a lady to reside with him for the sake of her reputation. Thus Pettigrew and Sir Beverley came to care for Ravenna as if she were their own. The two men had the pleasure of watching the lady continue to grow and bloom. Her talent of caring for animals also continued to grow. The house party is set in the remote mountains of France in early March. Ravenna has no interest in the prince but is drawn to the animals.

    While visiting the stables at night, she is caught by an unknown man. The man tackles her and then he kisses her. She hits him with a door and then a pitchfork and bites him. This is how Ravenna and Lord Vitor Courtenay meet. Vitor has known battle for so long that all he now wants is to dash off to another dangerous mission. Instead he is playing babysitter to his spoiled prince of a half-brother and his international cast of potential brides. Even if Vitor were allowed to leave he could not, because the castle is now snowbound. And when Ravenna comes across a corpse in a suit of armor, the need to protect her is strong.

    This story may be wrapped in the form of a historical romance, but is actually a challenging who-dunit mystery with a large cast of suspects. I did not know which part I was enjoying more, the unusual romance or trying to figure out who the murderer was based on the clues before the main characters managed to.

    Katharine Ashe writes with an eloquence that kept me enthralled with the story and begging for more once the last page had been turned. Author: C. Having been through the humiliation and hideous gossip due to a man she trusted, Patience now finds it impossible to trust any man. Patience is selfless.

    She never thinks of herself. She has a good, pure heart and goes out of her way for those in need of assistance. Her biggest problem is that she acts without thinking things through first, especially when it comes to caring about how Society will view her after her actions. This is how Patience came to be on the field one early morning when her dear friend, Oliver Higginbotham, was to duel a viscount. Phillip Carrington, Viscount Rexley, is stunned to see that he has shot the wrong gentleman.

    When Rexley realizes that the wounded person is actually a lady, he is horrified. The lady left quickly and he was unable to ask about her identity. The more time he spends with Patience, the more Rexley becomes enamored of her. Once wed, he could lay down the law to Patience. For now, Rexley is too busy trying to figure out why his father recently tried to commit suicide, who is blackmailing his father and why, and who is out masquerading as him Rexley and accosting ladies.

    Admirand has crafted a brilliant love story, filled with action, humor, and drama, that often had me sitting on the edge of my seat. The heroine, Patience, does not have a selfish bone in her body, but the red head is prone to obstinacy and to rushing into action whenever someone needs help — especially if it is someone she cares for. As for the hero, Rexley, I admired his honor and the dedication he has for his family; however, once the pair are wed, Rexley makes the HUGE mistake of demanding Patience to change simply by telling her to obey him.

    Needless-to-say, that does not work out well for him. It seems to me that C. Admirand gets better with every story she writes — and I believe this is the best yet! Michael Flynn had only two shillings in his pocket when he had left Ireland five years ago. The hardest part was leaving Meg, the love of his life, to wait for his return.

    During those five years apart, Michael worked hard and saved all he could. He wanted to return to Meg with a small fortune so they could have a good start as they began their lives together. But greed caused Michael to lose everything to a card shark named Eli Banning. Tired of waiting and worrying, Meg traveled across an ocean and then half of the rugged country to find him.

    But once she arrived in Emerson, she learned that Michael had left town the previous night. This is the fifth in C. If you purchase the electronic format priced low then you will receive only this short novella. However, if you purchase the paperback, you will also be able to read large sections from the first four novels in this series. As with all the stories that I have read by Admirand, this one is fast paced and very entertaining.

    It begins with conflict, as Michael realizes that he has lost everything to a dangerous card shark, and the tension remains high until the very end. Though I enjoyed the characters, I especially could not help but love the character of Meg. She is a strong-willed, red-headed lady with the famous Irish temper that takes no nonsense from bullies.

    Sounds like a few other female characters from the previous tales. There are no hot bedroom scenes and no fluff or filler; just action and drama from cover-to-cover. Adam Trent, Duke of St. Ives, had to return to England, and take over Briercliff when his grandfather died a year ago. His twin sister, Elizabeth, is still in New Orleans. Though Adam currently resides in Cornwall, England, he is still half American and believes that the United States should be allowed to govern themselves.

    This means he must be careful so as not to be labeled as a traitor by England. While on the coast with his close friend, Jonathan Hird, Adam finds an unconscious lady who has been washed ashore. At Briercliff, Adam and his staff care for the young lady. But who would even think of doing such a thing? And why? Once the lady wakes, she has no memory. Clues provide her name, Jewel; however, her last name remains a mystery to all. Flashbacks prove that her memory will return in time, but until then Jewel would remain at Briercliff. Meanwhile, Jewel, Adam, and Jonathan are amazed at the skills she possesses.

    The lady is an excellent swordsman and a certain knife never strays far from her thoughts. Why she feels the urgent need to locate the knife is unknown to her though. The attraction between Jewel and Adam sizzles, threatening to flare into an inferno. But both of them have unfinished business to attend to first. Nothing else really needs to be said. This story has mystery, suspense, action, and of course romance.

    I honestly do not see how the author managed to put all of that and more in one novel, yet she has! Both the hero and heroine are strong characters who complement each other. The more I learned about each, the more intrigued I became. I cannot recommend this title highly enough. Twelve years ago he was accused of murdering Mara Lowe on the eve of her wedding. At the time, he had not known that the lady he was about to take to his bed was supposed to become his newest stepmother.

    His father was three times her age. With no memory of that fateful night, Temple had been exiled by his father and shunned by the rest of the aristocracy. Though he is wealthy and powerful, he is still considered to be beyond redemption. Until one night, Mara comes out of hiding, offering the one thing he has dreamed of … absolution. It had been a young, desperate Mara that had disappeared twelve years ago. Mara well knows that Temple would not care what had happened that night long ago, nor why she had framed him for murder. Though she deserves his anger, Temple soon finds that it is difficult to resist the pull of the mysterious and maddening woman who often smells of lemons.

    Yet he would give her no mercy. He would ruin her, return to his rightful place, and never look back. As I read, I could not help but wonder why Mara would frame a man for her murder on the eve of her wedding and then disappear. Where did Mara hide? What has she been doing for twelve years? I had so many questions. Temple was an innocent. He was collateral damage. Sarah MacLean has given her main characters dark and difficult backgrounds, so when they finally meet again the emotions run high; volatile.

    MacLean does not simply toss an ordinary main character to her readers. She makes them unique, such as giving Mara miss-matched eyes. This makes the people more believable. The pair are forcing Becky to wed a much older man for their own selfish gain. They are, in effect, auctioning her off to the highest bidder. His uncle, the current Marques, has finally decided to put his foot down. Daniel must abandon his rakish ways and get wed quickly. But no family in Society would ever consider allowing Daniel to approach them, much less court one of their daughters.

    Yet everything changes when he spies a stunning woman across the ballroom. This rake must convince an insane lady to marry him. Of course there is more to it than I say, but I refuse to give spoilers. I can say that I enjoyed this story so much that I read the entire novel in one sitting. Fast paced, hot passion, and overwhelming odds, make this novel absolutely stunning! Most gentlemen around her were charming. That was part of her dilemma. How could she separate charm from con?

    Grace turns to notorious childhood friend, the Duke of Lovingdon. After all, who better to identify a blackguard than another blackguard? He has been her unofficial protector for most of her life. He sees little harm in helping Grace find a suitable husband.

    All he needs to do is teach her all the ploys that scoundrels, blackguards, and fortune hunters would use. Demonstrating each ploy seems the easiest way to ensure that Grace would recognize any con a gentleman may try. Lovingdon has had no interest in marriage since he lost his wife and daughter. Though the plot has been done before, Lorraine Heath has added her unique style to create an enchanting tale of love. The hero is scarred on the inside. The heroine is scarred on the outside — where no one can see. I really like how that author has given the main characters imperfections.

    This adds a touch of realism to the story. The people become a bit more believable to me. More real.

    For Readers & Authors of Historical Romance

    Heath has a bold writing style — perfect for her adventurous characters — that I found to be captivating. I never became bored. My attention never wandered off. If you are searching for a way to forget about your own troubles or pass a rainy afternoon, this novel is for you. The story begins in July, John, Lord Hascot, lost his ability to trust when his elder twin brother, James, stole the woman he had been about to propose to.

    Since then John has devoted his life to his horses on Hollyoak Farm. A horse from Lord Hascot is coveted, but John will only sell a horse to one who meets his standards. In addition to his declining to sell to just anyone with money, John has a reputation for incivility. Needless-to-say, marriage is the last thing John is contemplating when he spies Lady Amelia Jacoby asleep in his stable.

    Bad weather has trapped the couple together and, to save her reputation, the pair soon wed. Lady Amelia understands that John does not expect any heirs. He only offers the shelter of a home, funds to furnish and decorate it, funds for clothing, and his utmost respect. He would keep his wedding vows and she would manage the house, staff, and deal with unexpected guests. For Amelia, loves comes softly and unexpectedly. When the Dowager Lady Hascot arrives unannounced, with Major David Kensington on her arm, John realizes that the visit has all the makings of a disaster.

    The resident veterinarian, Dr. Regina Scott has written a story true to the Regency era. The characters, as well as the circumstances, are totally believable and highly entertaining. As for Lord Hascot, John is not only loyal but honorable. He never lies to Amelia, even before they wed.

    His horses mean much to him. He cannot tolerate anyone who is mean to an animal. He also does not suffer fools, stupidity, or any person who does not prove they are honorable. She does not toss in a lot of rare words that would have readers reaching for the dictionary every few minutes. This story is easy to read and flows smoothly. My interest was captured almost immediately and I never found myself getting bored. An excellent tale for all who enjoy a good Regency, Historical Romance, or just want a realistic love story.

    It is the middle of June, the year Burke is now a thoroughbred gambler; however, his mind is not currently concerned with picking his next target to con. She is using the family fortune as an incentive to reunite her sons. The fortune is close to six figures, but neither son could have any of the money unless both brothers claimed the entire sun, together and in person, within the next two months.

    Otherwise, all the money would be donated to her favorite charity. Burke has tracked Patrick to Silverton, Colorado. Yet, according to the lovely lady shooting at him, Patrick is long gone. The brothers look a lot alike. If Burke thinks Lexie will tell him where Patrick said he was going, then Burke has another thought coming!

    Lexie is unlike most females. She is a genius when it comes to numbers and amazing at handling finances. Lexie is also very logical. Since she has already shot at him, he really should have concluded that she would not hesitate to do anything drastic — such as knocking him senseless and forcing him to take her on his search for Patrick.