The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses

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It was kind of fan fiction in a way in that it would be a thinly veiled version of whatever I'd just seen. I remember I was just getting into detective stories as a kid, so I wrote my own version of the Boxcar Children.

JAPANESE Movie Title Interpretations:

Now I'm getting around to writing one that's better. I went to Paris and a lot of bad things happened, but I realized that there was a story there.

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Life just gave you a book, you might as well write it down. WCT: How did you decide what to include in your memoir?

- Nico Lang reveals another 'Dimension' - Gay Lesbian Bi Trans News Archive - Windy City Times

Nico Lang: I just want to write whatever feels honest and feels real. I guess it's just trying to get what's in my head on the paper. Just thinking that there are some people that have really bad family situations and they seem to be marked by that and it's really funny you have a way of finding these people. WCT: It seems like you run into these unfortunate situations at home and abroad.

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Nico Lang: It's weird. I felt like I learned a lot about my life through doing something completely different that ended up being exactly the same because I avoided taking care of one "dying person" by taking care of another sick person in another country. It's funny; I didn't even realize that was the case until somebody pointed it out to me after reading my book. One of the themes of the book, one of the reasons I moved to Paris at the time, was because I was obsessed with the Woody Allen movie, "Midnight in Paris.

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I move to another country having seen the movie, but not realizing its lesson, then moving to that country and realizing the lesson of the film by being there. WCT: I think everyone can relate to having some crazy people in their lives.


Nico Lang: My hope is always to find connection with other people, whether that's in my writing or in my life. It's something I strive for. It's the meaning of existence to find connection with others. I just hope that my work does the same thing. It gives people this feeling of connection.

They might not have been through the thing, but they understand it. WCT: In regards to the book's title, what kind of sunglasses do you wear while you traverse dimensions? Nico Lang: I actually always forget to wear sunglasses, which is kind of the ironic part of the title. It's the thing I always mean to pack, but I never actually put in. It is especially true for translations to and from unrelated languages such as Chinese, which functions very different grammatically from what we might be used to.

40 Hilarious Movie Title Mistranslations

This is partly due to a lack of cultural exposure as well as miscalculations pertaining to the subtleties of either language. It is also due to fundamentally different functionalities of vocabulary and grammar in both languages. Take the title of any famous work of pop culture from the past however many years and translate it into another language according to the cultural understandings and experiences of the translators.

Comment by Jonny — July 7, My daughter, now living in France, was laughing one night about the translation of movie titles and how inaccurate they could seem to American sensibilities.

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I would love to see un update for more recent movies. Comment by Christine Crenshaw — August 8, Comment by John — September 17, Comment by Nenagh — November 19, Name required.

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Blog About. There are a few movies whose titles are translated quite literally.